Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Week 2 Stats

Total time for the workout - 30 minutes
Players who were too injured to layout and scrimmage on Sunday - 1
Freshmen who did the workout and posted times - 100%
Returning starters who did the workout and posted times - 43%
Captains who did the workout and posted times - 0%

Six months ago, you guys said you wanted to make Regionals and were willing to do whatever it takes. That's easy to say when it means playing pickup over the summer. It's less easy when it means running 400's in the cold, wind, and rain in December. Is this for you? Is this what you really want, or do we need to rethink our goals?


  1. Thunderfuckyeah,
    My pod is running at 2 on Friday. Show up if you've got the balls.

  2. Elliot "swift o' foot" tradddahhhhh and myself, stig o0uUo0Urn, are running tomorrow, that is thursday at 2pm and we're going for gold